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Is there gonna be a 'karma' system?
04.02.2014As been said above "they are welcome here until they want to learn and follow the rules". If your example about unexperienced medic who just don't...
Passowrd on lobby(samone can join lobby page)
28.01.2014I think Gaja means fully private lobby including chat. This approach differs from only reserved slots. We will think about this. MT
Not obvious what the red or green squares around a class icon mean
23.01.2014Disagree. Practice shows us that it is conversely obvious for "average" user, but not for some few "retarded". Even this request points out to this...
"Active / Passive" Scout Mini-Icons
06.01.2014I like your idea. MT
Warning Symbol when Lobby Leader leaves
27.12.2013Why? Don't you know that tf2center lobbies can be launched without leader? Mother T
have maps where ppl can wait of where they would like to play before the servers are even created then there would be less waiting time for a server and the server makers would know which maps would be filled first
22.12.2013Thanks for your suggestion, Martin. That's interesting
Autojoin to mumble or something? Mumble feature gets totally useless if not everyone is joining it.
22.11.2013Mumble voice latency is order of ~30ms or so, rather than the 2-4 seconds of in-game voice. We'll look into reducing the class name size!
Have a separate mumble for NA lobbies
22.11.2013Do you want to be a sponsor? ;)
fix the ready up system so we can play a game.
17.11.2013If you want something to be fixed, you need to describe your problem. Could you clarify, what problem you been faced?
hello i suggest providing an option for the soldier give the choice of being a roamer or a pocket to avoid conflict
16.11.2013Done in the next beta.

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