What do we need it for?

Users dictate their demands to website owners, and being a leader means being the first to satisfy them. Encouraging users to share ideas and give feedback on your website without a proper facility, you often lose worthy recommendations in disorganized e-mails, messy ticket systems and forums.

Idea informer creates a feedback system which encourages discussions of good ideas, ensuring a better quality instead of a greater quantity.

Idea Informer provides you with a free platform for putting together your visitors' minds, ideas and recommendations on your project. All you need is to register your project and install an Idea Informer widget on your website.

With Idea.Informer.com you can:

– Keep up-to-date with fast-changing demands of your users
– Find out why some visitors leave your website and never come back
– Get brand-new ideas on how to develop your project
– Focus on the most popular or critical demands thanks to the unique Idea Informer voting system
– Save on development, because you can get feedback on your ideas without any investments
– Communicate with your website's active users and show your interest in them and their needs
– Get a natural driver of search engine optimization (SEO)

Get brand-new improvement ideas, communicate with your users in real time, and pull your website in search engines with Idea Informer, absolutely free.

How does Idea Informer work?

– Fill in a short form and install an Idea Informer widget on your website. The widget allows users to leave their comments and suggest improvement ideas without leaving your website. And all their comments will be immediately reflected on your project's Idea Informer page.
– Active users start making their suggestions, commenting and voting for the existing ones. The most popular ideas move to the top of the list.
– If you want to show your interest in users' ideas, you can give an official response to any posted item.
– When the discussion reaches its end point, you have a complete solution in your hands. Put it into action and receive your well-earned feedback.
– After all the implementation work is done, your visitors will be pleased to have been a part of it, and you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

Join a progressive community of webmasters who cooperate with their users, register your website on Idea Informer right now!