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Make the button on top of Vive controller trackpack do a F4 reset position
28.02.2018You can now change the button mappings to whatever you like through the Bindings tab
Improve filtering and text readability for high res desktops by using mip mapping
28.02.2018I’ve requested this from Valve. Hopefully they will add support for Mip Mapping during distortion like Rift does.
Spatialized audio in theater/custom environments
28.02.2018This was added for Rift in 1.10. Vive and WMR headsets will be supported in a future update.
Allow true full-screen games
28.02.2018This works correctly in Windows 10.
Ability to increase distance from 360 videos that are "too close"
28.02.2018Tilt was added in version 1.9 but the stereo separation is not something that can be fixed through the video player; it is an issue with the source...
A virtual keyboard
28.02.2018Virtual Desktop uses the Windows Touch keyboard which will appear automically when you enter text fields while using motion controllers. You can...
Display Virtual Desktop on top of other VR game
28.02.2018This has been implemented through the Virtual Desktop Dashboard in Steam. It is a separate app that appears under the Tools category in Steam.
Nvidia 3d vision support
28.02.2018I’ve added 3D Vision support through Anaglyph mode. This means you can configure 3D vision for discovery glasses and then toggle Anaglyph mode in...
Binural Audio with fixed point speakers
28.02.2018Version 1.10 added this for Rift through a “Positional Audio” option. Vive and WMR headsets will be able to use this in a future version.
Customizable curvature
11.09.2017This will be added in version 1.5.1

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