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Customizable curvature
11.09.2017This will be added in version 1.5.1
Voice command to hide desktop
17.08.2016Even better, I won't pop the window on top if the app was already open. Thanks for the suggestion!
Vive remote as laser pointer mouse
19.07.2016The trackpad support in 1.0.4 was just a temporary implementation. True support will be coming this fall.
Consistent 90 FPS capture rate for 90hz games?
06.06.2016Some games eat up more resources than others so can be hard to play in VR. Things that will help is to uncheck the MSAA and Mip Mapping options in...
Xbox Controller Support for games
06.06.2016This already works. If you have a Rift just be sure to uncheck the Xbox Controller option so that Virtual Desktop's support of the controller...
Nvidia 3d vision support
30.05.20163D movies are already supported. Just play your movie in your favorite video player (VLC, Windows media player, etc.) and hit F7 to toggle SBS mode
Workshop support for environments
26.05.2016You can already create environments through the workshop. Do you mean modifying existing environments?
Vive remote as laser pointer mouse
26.05.2016Started work on this. It will be a better approach than just laser pointers because to me it is a poor experience.
File browser and file association with 360 panoramas images/videos
26.05.2016You can already right-click a video and select "Open with Virtual Desktop" but I'll add this for photos, thanks!
Transparent background mode that doesn't show your background behind icons.
26.05.2016You have to click the clear wallpaper button in addition to enabling transparent mode. The reason there's a button is it sometimes needed to be...

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