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Ubuntu 12.10
24.10.2012Thanks for reporting the issue... I'll try to investigate it on Ubuntu.
Show only "Mark as Read" in-page button
10.10.2012That's good idea. I'll implement it in next version. Thanks.
Opera 12.00.1380 opens an empty page in popup
23.04.2012Yes, it was renamed to Pocket and moved to new web site, but it should work the same as before. Could you please post if there are some errors in...
Unable to add pages in Opera 11.50
07.12.2011Also please make sure you have the last version of the extension (1.6.1)
Unable to add pages in Opera 11.50
07.12.2011Still not an error from the extension - could you please do exactly this: 1) Close all tabs (you can save your session if you have a lot of open...
Custom UI
29.11.2011Do you have some specific suggestions? I did change the UI to provide more space for the actual items in the last version (1.6.1) and added...
Unable to add pages in Opera 11.50
17.11.2011Thanks for reply. Unfortunately there is no error message generated by the extension in the log you posted. Could you try it again, but this time...
Unable to add pages in Opera 11.50
17.11.2011Is this issue still valid? If yes, could you please open the error console (ctrl+shift+o on windows), clear it, click on the button and post here...
Blank window when clicking reading list icon
11.11.2011Thanks for reporting - the last comment was very helpful. I'll try to fix this issue in next version.
Cannot login
21.10.2011I know this is king of stupid workaround, but there's probably a problem with some special chars. So you can probably "fix" this problem by...

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