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Token - Stacking
06.08.2013Grouped movement of tokens is coming in v3.0. Rotation and better stacking is still on the list.
Customizable chat fonts
13.06.2013In FG v2.9.4, The chat box is currently resizable in the 3.5E, 4E and SW rulesets. Just right click on the chat window, select Unlock, and...
Drag single NPC from encounter window to combat tracker.
28.04.2013You should be able to do this today by dragging the shortcut box next to the NPC name from the encounter onto the combat tracker.
Background Wallpaper in lieu of tiles.
22.04.2013Are you talking about the desktop background? If so, what's the alternative; a stretched or scaled image? We have found that stretched images...
Map - Dynamic light sources
06.03.2013It's just a general idea right now. My first take would be a fog of war concept, with vision rings around tokens; in addition to the current masking.
Map - User ping
19.02.2013With the ability for the clients to control their own map view, I was thinking that there needed to be a way for the GM to indicate that an item of...
"Away From Keyboard" setting for players
09.12.2012This is available in the 3.5E and 4E rulesets using the radial menu on your character portrait, or using the /afk chat command.
Dev - hook for window loading after size is established
02.08.2012The workaround is to capture the onInit method for the highest level window (not nested within subwindow or windowlist), then determine size for...
Linked Documents - Maps, Images, Records
18.06.2012You can create links in the Notes section of the current NPC record sheet in the 3.5E and 4E rulesets. Using the radial menu or the key shortcut...
Chat - Option to see simple/reduced tracker announcement lines
12.06.2012I agree completely. Either the rolls should be in a separate window, or some of the information in the chat window hidden. The challenge is that...

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