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I can't get edit the services and I don't know why not. Can you help me get that figured out?
20.09.2013I was able to see your service, and add some more without problem. I added some elements to your service order as well. Can you maybe tell me...
auto scheduling
17.09.2013Thanks for the idea, Jamie.. it is now implemented! Sorry for the wait! Jason
volunteer question
12.09.2013Actually, can you create a new "idea" suggestion on the site?
volunteer question
12.09.2013That's a good idea-- I'll give it some thought!
Enable Text Messaging
19.07.2013OK, I've finally found a cheap way to do this... for now it's free, but it will cost me 1 cent for every outgoing text eventually, so I will likely...
Hi Jason, today I've started testing the page and I'm really impressed of all the funcionalities that it has. I'm having a problem that occurrs after I get connected with my Dropbox account.
18.07.2013Hi Gustavo, I noticed this problem recently, and have not taken the steps necessary to fix it. I will do so soon. Sorry for the problems. Jason
Why is the service rundown link not working in the messages that I send out?
16.07.2013You change that in your messages section.
Why is the service rundown link not working in the messages that I send out?
16.07.2013You're missing either the word "static" or the ajax command. It should be this: or...
Adjustment to the Print Function
14.07.2013I've modified the printout so that if there is nothing in the content box, it won't show the space.
Ability to change past schedules: Sometimes people get sick and others fill in for them. It would be nice to be able to switch things after the fact so it is accurate
03.07.2013When you click "past schedule", there will be an arrow next to each schedule, which will now take you to the schedule page instead of the service...

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