Personal information
Reward for recommending new customers
20.12.2013We'll review this again in January...
SOAP or XML Interface for Usage Data
03.12.2013We are starting to work on an API for Clueless - this is a big job and will involve lots of changes to how systems work internally.
AAISP to investigate using for internet access
21.06.2013We are again, investigating this as a possibility. More information in a week!
Order a TalkTalk LLU-based A&A service
09.05.2013We now have interconnects with TalkTalk Wholesale and are in a trial period whilst we test out the service. We'll soon be able to offer TalkTalk as...
have a ticket tracking system so I can see the status of my tickets with A&A, whether A&A consider they're still open, etc
09.05.2013On the note front - Customers can add an individual Note to a line - it won't appear in the log section, but is still useful for identifying the...
AAISP to investigate using for internet access
09.05.2013It turns out that there are some complications with getting access - if people are interested, then please do email in.
Easy access to Usage Summary page
03.05.2013Mmmm Chicken :-)
SOAP or XML Interface for Usage Data
01.05.2013Home::1 and Office::1 users will get a graphic when visiting our homepage ( with the current quota
Add Firewall Options to Clueless
01.05.2013This would mean firewalling at our side - we can do this on a temporary basis by manually moving a line to our 'test LNS' which does have...

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