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4k download could also download video from bbc pronunciation tips.
08.02.2016Hi, Make sure you upgraded 4K Downloader to version 3.8. If you did and that did not solve the problem, try doing the following: Firstly,...
The ability to set general options would be great. A few things would be maximum bandwidth allocated to all downloads, how many files to download at once, and queue management like being able to drag around which video to download first. There also i
17.01.2016we introduced already a bandwith speed control in the latest version.
youtube: "Error: can't download"
17.01.2016Firstly, please check your firewall or antivirus settings, it can block the download sometimes, try to switch off it completely and download...
set Age Gate off on Dailymotion before trying to download
08.11.2015Hello Guys, this issue has been fixed.
download videos from google+
05.09.2015Google plus will be closed soon.
05.09.2015The video must be public for downloading.
Log in to Youtube, monitor all my subscriptions, and download them as they are uploaded.
05.09.2015This feature will demand the authorisation into the program.
Please add to supported sites
05.09.2015Try it in 4K Video Downloader!
download videos from vine.
05.09.2015Try this function in 4K Video Downloader.
4KStogram is not updating the users; I have manually went to those users and they show updated photos but 4K doesn't pick them up. Additionally, it continues to hide some of the most recent photos (although it does not delete them locally).
05.09.2015Guys, please download and try latest version of 4K Stogram, should be ok.

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