The mission of this site is to benchmark all USB Flash drives over the world.
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eRepublik Advanced Tools. This script improves eRepublik all around by adding missing links, buttons, etc. or by removing things users don't like. One big part of the script is the Company Managing Tool. It is fully customizable and it is modular ...
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Ved is an external editor for VVVVVV levels! When submitting a bug report, please provide detailed information if you can, like the versions of Ved and LÖVE you are using, and any error messages you get, but don't let that discourage you from ...
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Please tell us what's on your mind. If you like to request more than one new feature PLEASE create a single entry for each of them. Don't request more than one feature at once. Thanks.
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This is a centralized place for our staff to share and discuss ideas aimed at improving and evolving our organization. Feel free to review and rate others’ ideas as well. This website is moderated by Meredith Taylor, Assessment Coordinator. Y...
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Find, record, download, convert and enjoy music, films, videos and Internet radio Audials One delivers all the media you want, free and in the right format. Audials One furnishes you with music around the clock. Just enter any music genre, any ...
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Conveniently sort, edit, and share your pictures. We’re here for everyone who loves photography, from the beginners to the pros.
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Place for new or existing PolarisMail customers to request new features or share suggestions. For support, please use
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Turn your PC into a powerful alarm clock! Wake up to your favorite music or tune to an internet radio station of your choice, use fixed or increasing volume alarms, and get your computer ready by launching programs and opening Web sites on wakeup....
The Plan-Track-Analyze process: choose a task to be accomplished, set the Pomodoro timer to 25 minutes and work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then take a short break. Track your accomplishment day by day and improve your productivity.
uRex Video Converter Platinum offers you abundant formats with excellent quality and fast video conversion. It is your ultimate solution to convert between HD videos like MKV HD, TS HD, MOV HD etc., not to mention SD video, such as AVI, MP4, MPEG,...
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Compile a list of stats to add to the reports and hud
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Suggest a feature or change to the Plexstorm website. Report bugs. Break multiple suggestions up into different threads. Please ask questions in our Discord server if possible.
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Lets develop new PowerArchiver Format (PAF) together! Tell us what YOU want from your next generation format! Please also vote and wish on next format for PowerArchiver. Do not send us wishes about what other things you want improved with PA or...
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Gentili Clienti, in questo blog potete proporre e votare le nuove funzionalità da implementare nelle future versioni di Evolution 4. I vostri suggerimenti verranno tenuti in considerazione per creare un software sempre più adatto alle vostre...
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Unofficial issue tracker for Atlantica Online MMORPG game (see
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