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[3.5E] Effects to apply NPC templates
29.05.2012These could potentially be implemented in a module, since the campaign effects list accepts module data.
Upgrade the Spell library modules to include Effects
26.05.2012There are 2 approaches: enter a lot of manual spell entries that would need to be made for each new module, or an automatic parser needs to be...
Define Effects per character
26.05.2012People actually do this today using the existing spell interface. Just create a new spell class, assign at least 1 spell available to L0, create a...
Token - Limited visibility
03.05.2012Actually a different feature. This one is for tokens which are invisible or out of line of sight for some players. I think vision is another...
Map - Multiple layers
03.05.2012There's a separate feature for map tiles.
Tables - Dragable effects
01.05.2012You can currently drag and drop effects from the campaign effects window. Why would you need to format into a table? Or perhaps some examples?
4E - Skip hidden CT entry on turn advance option
30.04.2012This would only affect whether the active turn marker stops on a CT entry. Where I see this most is when I have encounters with "waves" of...
3.5E - Linked rolls
30.04.2012I agree and this would always be optional if we build it.
Drag and drop module building
30.04.2012Currently, modules are built by exporting entire categories from a live campaign to a module (i.e. all NPCs, all items, all encounters). This...
3.5E - Multiple damage types for weapons
30.04.2012Currently, a weapon can only have one damage type per weapon; though the damage type can have multiple components (fire, cold, bludgeoning). This...

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