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Token Bag Graphics Customizable
30.08.2013For the graphics used to display the token bag, all the graphics are specified by the ruleset, and can be customized via extensions. For token...
Image preloading even with no players
12.08.2013This should work today in both v2.9.4 for being remembered between sessions for connected players. In v3.0, the share sheet option has been...
Edit -> Undo feature for all input fields
06.08.2013As of v3.0, CTRL+Z (i.e. undo) is supported in all text and formattedtext fields.
Player journal
06.08.2013Using the calendar feature of the built-in rulesets, a party can keep track of journal events. As of v3.0, it will be included as part of the...
Token - Custom graphical indicators
06.08.2013Token indicators can be added by ruleset developers. There are included token health and token effect markers in the 3.5E, PFRPG and 4E rulesets.
Token - Facing indicators
06.08.2013Coming in v3.0, requires support in the ruleset. Will be supported as part of the CoreRPG ruleset layer, and thus supported in any rulesets built...
Token - Stacking
06.08.2013Grouped movement of tokens is coming in v3.0. Rotation and better stacking is still on the list.
Customizable chat fonts
13.06.2013In FG v2.9.4, The chat box is currently resizable in the 3.5E, 4E and SW rulesets. Just right click on the chat window, select Unlock, and...
Drag single NPC from encounter window to combat tracker.
28.04.2013You should be able to do this today by dragging the shortcut box next to the NPC name from the encounter onto the combat tracker.
Background Wallpaper in lieu of tiles.
22.04.2013Are you talking about the desktop background? If so, what's the alternative; a stretched or scaled image? We have found that stretched images...

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