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Tables - drag modifier from table description
12.06.2014Tables now include the ability to specify dice and modifiers to be applied automatically to a roll, in addition to using the modifier box value.
Drag and drop module building
12.06.2014This exists today, by dragging and dropping records to the export window.
Token select also select the linked combat tracker
12.06.2014I don't understand what the purpose of this feature request is. Could you provide an example?
Token - Stacking
20.05.2014Yes, just select multiple tokens and then drag one of the selected tokens.
Dev - Unregister handlers
06.04.2014removeHandler is only as a counterpoint to addHandler. The direct databasenode handler functions still have no mechanism to unregister. I'm...
Local mode character import/export
06.04.2014Yes we do. Apparently, it's one of the features I did without consulting the wish list.
allow players to release owned characters
24.03.2014Actually, I think Grafton is referring to character "ownership" which can only be removed by the GM. Players can choose to activate and release...
Dev - Dice features
17.02.2014This already exists as of v3.0.
Dev - Custom dice totalling
17.02.2014There's an onDiceTotal event called within the chatwindow control that lets the ruleset specify what the total should be for any given roll. If...
Spontaneous spellcasting support
17.02.2014You can actually set the caster type by clicking on the book icon next to the spell class name. The ruleset currently has at least some support...

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