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Change white text on white background on hotkeys to make them easier to see
29.07.2015Which ruleset and extensions are you using in your campaign?
System - Multiple Monitors
22.07.2015Understood. However, you are then asking for a single GM interface to also be able to provide player-specific versions of all records, which is...
System - Multiple Monitors
20.07.2015Only one license is required to run 2 instances on the same machine. Just connect to "localhost" for the host name when you Join Game on the second...
System - Multiple Monitors
19.07.2015All the things you mention can be done today, by running 2 instances of FG on same machine and placing each instance on its own monitor. In...
Add space for Resistance bonus in Saves section of Combat Tab
23.04.2015Which ruleset (game system) are we talking about?
4E - Skip hidden CT entry on turn advance option
11.11.2014Addressed in other requests
Token select also select the linked combat tracker
11.11.2014Never did figure out what this referred to exactly.
Map - Measurement tool
27.06.2014The original idea is for a general purpose tool to quickly determine distance without having to place/delete pointer. With the new measurement on...
Map - Text labels
27.06.2014Push pins are named links to other campaign records, that only show name when hovering over them. Also, I believe they are GM only. This feature...
Custom 'lighting' colors
12.06.2014You can change this via the /lighting command to set to any ARGB color value. I'll leave feature request for a graphical interface.

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