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Dev - overwrite builtin controls
01.12.2015This can be done now with the merge="join" tag for windowclass definitions, and is the basis for the layered rulesets currently used by FG.
Map - Diagonal movement option (1 or 1.5 squares)
01.12.2015This has been added as an option in the 5E ruleset, since it is listed as an optional rule in the DMG. For all other rulesets, the diagonal...
Customizable chat fonts
01.12.2015In v3.0.13, the chat entry box will resize automatically up to 8 lines. Renaming idea to focus on chat font size.
[3.5E] Advance custom number of rounds
01.12.2015Radial menu allows skipping by 5, 10 and 20 round increments.
Map links in exported modules do not always work.
01.12.2015I'm not aware of any issues specific to this issue when exporting campaign maps/images. By design, you can not export maps/images/tokens from other...
On Top Chat Box
14.10.2015This can already be done. Just right click on an empty area and select the Unlock radial menu option.
Change white text on white background on hotkeys to make them easier to see
29.07.2015Which ruleset and extensions are you using in your campaign?
System - Multiple Monitors
21.07.2015Understood. However, you are then asking for a single GM interface to also be able to provide player-specific versions of all records, which is...
System - Multiple Monitors
19.07.2015Only one license is required to run 2 instances on the same machine. Just connect to "localhost" for the host name when you Join Game on the second...
System - Multiple Monitors
19.07.2015All the things you mention can be done today, by running 2 instances of FG on same machine and placing each instance on its own monitor. In...

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