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export to/ import from Hero Lab formats(5E,PFSRD)
24.04.2017You can already import Pathfinder character files using the Character Converter tool provided with the standard FG installation.
5E Character Sheet Skills Tab, alternating row colors
28.02.2017This will be included in v3.3.0, along with alternate row shading for additional PC sheet lists.
Merchants Tab
22.02.2017Check out the DOE: Locations extension on the forum for a way to create stores with lists of items for sale.
DEV - Debug Mode for rulesets
02.01.2017Due to the number of events, any automatic output of the events to a log would bring the client to a crawl, due to the overhead of writing to the...
Play Star Wars d20 in FG
19.09.2016Due to the dual license nature (Hasbro and Disney) and age of the RPG product, this is extremely unlikely. Also, there is a community ruleset for...
Interface.onDesktopInit() should allow multiple registrations
19.09.2016This works today. The CoreRPG ruleset has 4 different scripts that register an onDesktopInit event. Only one registration can be made per global or...
Set the order in which tabs appear
19.09.2016The category control is being removed with the Unity version and slowly deprecated in the current version, in favor of the folder paradigm people...
4E - Collapsible inventory
19.09.2016This should be for all rulesets defined off the CoreRPG layer. I haven't figured out how to change title yet.
Token - Center map on token
19.09.2016This is now implemented as an option that centers the map on the player token when their turn starts in the combat tracker.

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