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touch screen - right click
23.07.2018The touch interface is handled completely by Windows. I believe that a 2-second hold activates a right click already.
Pack images and maps with ruleset
30.06.2018No plans to merge content with UI graphics/logic. A sample map pack is available with the standard download, and additional map packs are...
Easily identifiable magic items in Inventory
30.06.2018This can be done by the existing identification features, and by updating the non-identified description of the item to indicate an item is magical.
Auto-transform tabular data into columns when viewing lists
17.05.2018This request is specific to Starfinder, since the ruleset (which defines the display and logic for each game system) determines how to interpret...
Show player name in chat when whispering with empty portrait
31.05.2017Chat whispers currently show the source and target of the whispers.
Hot-key to reply to latest whisper
31.05.2017You can reply to a whisper using the /r chat command, and use the right click menu on a PC portrait on the tabletop to choose a menu option to...
complement ringBell-function for host-ring
31.05.2017This is already available. Just call User.ringBell() without any parameters.
have better integration with hero lab
31.05.2017I'm unclear what you are asking for here. The character converter currently works with Hero Lab using 3.5E, Pathfinder or Savage Worlds.
Drag/Drop Effects Invisible to player
31.05.2017This is working for me. I just dragged from the Effects window to the combat tracker, with the Eye disabled. Can you post the scenario to...
[5e] grantadvsav and other grand keyword
31.05.2017I'm not sure this makes sense to me as explained. The GRANT part of the effects mechanic implies that the affected creature is granting ADV/DIS to...

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