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Ability to export repertroire of songs to word processor or excell
06.02.2015Here's the link:
You have a wonderful database with the lectionaries. When I try to add some scripture readings from the lectionary to a worship service, it tells me to use the drop down list above to select a worship service to add the reading to. I cannot find the
How do you remove a service, when you've made a mistake
12.08.2014You click the garbage can / delete icon on the service-order page-- the top right corner.
Could we attach a rehearsal time to a worship service, so people can check availability for both before they respond?
23.05.2014Good idea!
Would it be possible for schedule availability, not just unavailability? I mean, some of our crew are available for two or three of our 5 Sunday services. It would help to be able to filter it that way too.
15.03.2014Interesting... I'm not sure how that would look, let me think about it.
How do I add music that is not in the current database?
12.03.2014On this page:!/planWorship/search/title Select "add new element" Jason
Display hymn number in element
14.01.2014I just joined your church, and checked the service order. The numbers are appearing next to the song for me.
Display hymn number in element
14.01.2014They do, when you select a hymnal from the hymnal list. Is this not working for you?
Can we upload church directories so that we are not inputting each individual into this system. Is there any way to integrate with cloud based church managment systems? i.e. Realm
13.01.2014Hi Rona, You can import contacts from the contacts page. You first need to export your contacts from the other system, into a CSV file (Comma...
Can we edit when reminder text are sent out?
13.01.2014They are sent 7 days before the service. I think it would be worth-while to make it customizable. I will need to give it some thought.

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