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Smart Diaryâ„¢ Suite

Thanks for the contest, since its a medical version, it would be nice to implemnt a feature that lets the user to transfert the database to...

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FTP functionality, macro recording and playback feature, built-in clipboards, external viewers, like browsers

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define mouse clicks to go from one desktop to another, second monitor as a virtual desktop, specify one virtual desktop for remote access

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Right click context menu to check a duplicate of a song

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Sysresources manager

No reboot necessary, tcp/ip reset option, timmer in task manager

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Save settings and reload after uninstall, export database to html, word...merge database, multilang support

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Folder Maker Home 3.1

Hi Password protection of folders, installation of a portable version also for a U3 key. 3D effects on folders,

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Craveworld Clock

Multilang Support, Open Internert to Connect to Weather Station. Play Mp3 files, Sereensaver ability.

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True Launch Bar

Add an option to save Tru Bar Launch Settings/Parameters/ShortCut Appliaction... so that can be exported/emailed to another user and with one click...

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Create more circles, Ability to add more isons in an inner (2nd,, multilang support, change the diameter of the circle easily.ability...

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