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i would like to see IMDB option to search movie metadata also a music metadata(freedb) search and an option for organizing movies by metadata and or an option to rename and organize files by metadata and a network device map
21.09.2012Thanks! Yes, more online databases are planned and the main reason they are not there at the moment is that they charge a lot for access to their...
Include the ability to share media from several computers on a home network without the media having to be on each computer.
21.09.2012This is already in KooRaRoo, as you can add all your network drives and shares to it, so your media can be anywhere on your home network and it's...
see the product have a hybrid of all the ides presented here so far including not only video tuturials but a forum dedicated to the player so novice beginners like myself can go and ask others who use the media for help. That way we learn how to use
21.09.2012Thanks! We do have a forum: and you are welcome to send a message to and I'll be happy to reply to...
Use graphic card (AMD, nVidia) processor too for faster and better transcode
21.09.2012Thanks! KooRaRoo uses FFmpeg (at the moment, but this is easily expanded to support other encoders) and FFmpeg does not use GPU at the moment.
See the name changed to a professional looking one. The present name is awkward, to say the least.
21.09.2012I like KooRaRoo, but I am biased of course :) What's a "professional" name?
ability to Stream DVD from a DVD drive
21.09.2012You should be able to do that if you add your drive to KRR as a "Folder" and then update it when you insert a new disk. Alternatively, you can rip...
Please allow the user to enter the Registration information prior to uploading the media. Probably not that crucial in the non-Giveawayoftheday setting. Also, while uploading the media, PC becomes sluggish (lags significantly). Thanks
21.09.2012Can you please tell me (or send a message to what your CPU specs are? KRR tries to use as much CPU as possible when adding...
Reduce the price to $15-$20
21.09.2012KRR is currently being sold for $19.95 (because it's a new product).
Make the new devices you intend to add plug-ins so that whatever version a user has they will be a ble to add to the program without having to purchase an upgrade.
21.09.2012Devices are added via a text file, so the user only needs that file updated to add a new device.
Include support for all major European, Middle East and Far East languages
21.09.2012Yes, multiple languages are coming very soon.

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