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Receive email notifications regarding planned works so I don't suddenly find myself without connectivity and trying to fix issues when they have been notified in advance.......
23.08.2011Hi, you can receive emails of status page posts, there is an email icon on the top/right of
11.08.2011We can provide L2TP connections in to us (not ipsec though), but these are limited availability, so do contact us. Our FireBrick products are...
Mirror popular Linux repositories
30.06.2011 is currently live and updating every 4 hours.
Mirror popular Linux repositories
29.06.2011 is currently live and updating every 4 hours.
Stop clueless line links opening in new windows
28.06.2011done, on the Log and Usage links.
Mirror popular Linux repositories
28.06.2011We're starting by mirroring CentOS, and if successful, we'll then look at mirroring Ubuntu (These are the main distos that we use). Updates to...
be able to buy broadband with Bitcoin
28.06.2011We were wondering when someone would ask this! Not at the moment...
offer WLR3
28.06.2011However, in using WLR3 doesn't mean that we can offer cheaper services, as WLR3 is the back end ordering/processing system between us and BT.
offer WLR3
28.06.2011We've been using WLR3 for a month or so now! Orders, Diagnostics and Faults on PSTN lines are now using WLR3.
Stop using "Sizzle CSS Selector Engine"
28.06.2011The Sizzle CSS selector engine should work OK with just about any device these days, may we ask what trouble you are having with it and on what...

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