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Reinstate per-IP traffic monitoring
10.01.2012We've had another discussion in the office regarding this one. One of the main technical problems in reporting usage on a per IP basis is IPv6 and...
Have more ICMP ECHO targets, .189, .190 (etc)
10.01.2012Our DNS servers, and are good IPs to ping, as there are 'anycast' addresses - multiple machines in different...
Have additional TTLs available in clueless's DNS editor
Option for notification of LNS switches via SMS/Twitter
05.01.2012We'll try to improve this - hopefully by adding a pin to the monitoring graphs and tweeting users.
Temporarily suspend ADSL service
05.01.2012Hi, we could do this as a one-off - email or call our sales guys.
have a ticket tracking system so I can see the status of my tickets with A&A, whether A&A consider they're still open, etc
22.12.2011Staff have web access to the ticketing system, we have considered adding customer access too. Maybe logging in with the ticket number and an...
Provide an anonymising proxy
01.12.2011Interesting idea, however, can you not just use TOR yourself? If we ran a proxy, then we may have to keep logs anyway, which will defeat the...
know the identities of the multiple SIP registrations shown on my control page
25.11.2011Done, now listing useragent and it's IP below the number of registered phones.
Provide a cacheing web proxy, with lower charges for accessing cached objects
13.10.2011With out current BT circuits this wouldn't reduce the cost, as the main cost is on the BT bandwidth side. Our Ethernet circuits are 'All you can...
SOAP or XML Interface for Usage Data
20.09.2011We are wanting to do this, but it's not a project at the front of the queue I'm afraid, so it will be some time.

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