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Helpful shading on usage graphs
24.01.2013This is similar to - We'll see what we can do.
See active unit rate displayed on the usage graphs.
24.01.2013This is similar to - We'll see what we can come up with though.
Switch the SSL cert used by clueless to one signed by startssl (or other)
11.01.2013Clueless (the control/ordering system) now has a non-cacert certificate. We have an on going project which is looking at how we support dnssec -...
Fix SSL cert on
11.01.2013We now have a 'real' certificate on Clueless!
have a ticket tracking system so I can see the status of my tickets with A&A, whether A&A consider they're still open, etc
07.01.2013We do have our own ticketing system that integrates with our services etc, but the interface for customers is just by email, where as staff here...
Order new phone numbers via an API
07.01.2013We are working on a new ordering system, this will have the ability to use it via an API to order the services and goods we supply. It will be...
have multicast supported
05.11.2012Here is some information on Multicast on our directors personal blog:
see status updates via a facebook page
02.10.2012This was working, but seems to have stopped! I did notice this yesterday, and have been looking in to it...
Order a TalkTalk LLU-based A&A service
25.09.2012gord - Annexe-M is one of the options we will have. So that should be OK for you.
Order a TalkTalk LLU-based A&A service
25.09.2012Obviously we'd expect them to give us good support, we'll see how it pans out.

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