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secure webmail
18.02.2016We now have new webmail servers:
clueless parcel tracking should include the address you've sent it to
17.02.2016Good idea, I'll add it in a s request. Thanks.
Reward for recommending new customers
09.08.2015cariadeccleston, This is pretty much our view on this which is why this 'Idea' has been rather stagnant, many agree on this and we really do...
VoIP only ADSL
05.06.2015We've been discussing this in the office. We could create a package (VoIP::1) which is: Phone line, ADSL with Annex-M and set to a stable profile,...
have a ticket tracking system so I can see the status of my tickets with A&A, whether A&A consider they're still open, etc
28.05.2015We use our own in-house ticketing system (Called Thankless!). We are looking into RT as an alternative though.
Add a "borrow" option to Home::1 Quota options
21.04.2015@Emma, you can have the option to auto-bill, then the top-up will get applied automatically.
Clean up the editline clueless page
21.04.2015We've done some work on tidying the page. There is more to be done though...
Filter e-mail using sieve
26.08.2014We support Sive Filtering, more info on:
Remove Un-necessary Restrictions on Mailing Lists
26.06.2014You can use 'aliases' to send to a group of people. In this case though, the reply-to address is not altered.
Change log for updates to control page features
03.04.2014We've added a 'Control Pages' category to the Status pages where we will add updates.

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