Personal information
I would like to be able to edit the food list
21.02.2017I have heard of this before, but I can't seem to recreate the problem. Can you send me steps to recreate and screenshots of the problem? Please...
I signed up, created an event, now I cannot login
14.02.2017Sorry. There was an issue before where iPhone would capitalize the first letter of the email. I fixed that issue a few months ago and everything...
Give the option of sendng text invites?
03.08.2016Hello. The ability to send as text is available in the iPhone and Android apps. Thanks!
People are signing up but it is putting me (host) as bringing the item
21.04.2015Sorry about that. I just tried a new event and it seemed to be working fine for me. Can you help me track this bug down by answering the...
iPhone app crashes on IOS8
Make it so you can edit the event.
17.12.2014You can now edit the event through the iPhone app, Android app and website. Let me know what else we can do to make this app even easier to use.
Make it so you can edit the event.
08.11.2014You can do this now with the latest version of the app. Now you can send a link to whoever you want to RSVP and sign up for things. So in your...
Have my name included in the e-mail sent
08.11.2014Now with the app and website, you can send a link to all of your friends through your own email system. You no longer have to enter their email...
iPhone app crashes on IOS8
17.10.2014Dang, sorry about that. I will fix it ASAP. Steve
Send a link via email instead of from ThingToBring
17.10.2014Yes, that is a good idea. I need to update it so that you get a link, can send to whoever you want. Once they get the link, I guess they would then...

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