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Uncheck the 'Check for Updates' and 'Run text Advertisements' check boxes that are located in the options window.
13.10.2011It's not really ads by itself. It's a public service ad, linking to Red Cross international. And if you don't want to see it, a simple click at the...
Rename the journal to something more appropriate like 'My Journal' or give the use the ability to change the name to reflect their own name eg 'Whiterabbits Journal'
13.10.2011Thanks for saying out what we feel :')
The developer said that the program only runs on 32 bit systems; create a 64 bit version quickly
13.10.2011It's not fully compatible with 64 bit systems. Some users get lucky to run it without any problem, others can't even launch it. 64 bits is part of...
There's a link that says get more themes, but the link takes me to the main developers page but no link to the actual themes????
13.10.2011I agree, it's the problem of laziness that cause this embrassment :">
Why is the photo effects plugin only a demo - this should be included as a full version, especially considering the asking price.
13.10.2011Our original intention is to 'hope' that other developers may be interested in our product enough to create plugins for it, so that we can...
Include a full set of text editing tools such as a good selection of fonts, bold, italics etc with the ability to change the color of the font. these basic tools appear to be missing.
13.10.2011Well, no offence taken ;)
I personally have been looking for a journal / diary for a few years now that does everything all in one. This program is it for me! I will be telling others of this wonderful product!!!!
13.10.2011Thanks for your kind words ^_^

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