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Reduce the price of your yearly upgrades - please
25.08.2011Sure, even for 3PCs license it will cost only $49.95 if you do not have previous license. Then for renewal price will be only $29.95. And now,...
Reduce the price of your yearly upgrades - please
25.08.2011We are sorry to hear you were injured, wish you good luck and get healthier very soon.
Reduce the price of your yearly upgrades - please
Reduce the price of your yearly upgrades - please
25.08.2011You may refer to Family license covering up to 5 PCs - only $75 for 1 year or $100 for 2 years.
Reduce the memory impact on the system. Why does this sort of software have to take up so much RAM?
24.08.2011Our Internet Security uses 12 technologies to analyze all process activity in th system. You may turn on lower level of analysis for some...
Include the ability to undo any changes made by the security suite - very useful if you'd accidentally allowed deletion of files that were essential to the running of a program
24.08.2011You may easliy restore deleted file or blocked content. Not any, because there is no system backup feature in Outpost.
Include cloud based cover (similar to immunet) this would be ideal for lower powerd computers with less RAM as the main part of the program would be held off site.
24.08.2011Our software works even on PCs with lower RAM size, compared to Norton and Kaspersky.
Include a process manager with this software - one that tells you valuable information about each process, gives you control over your start up programs and enables you to stop processes or prioritize them
24.08.2011Learn more about Outpost's Process Activity - sub-module for Proactive Protection, it is present since 7.0 edition.
Reduce the size of the installation file. Especially as we then have to install updates.
24.08.2011You do not have to install upgrades since for AV they are supplied automatically. File size grows but other vendors have growing file size, too.
Include the ability to scan internet connections and more specifically web addresses so that when you type in web addresses it can warn you pre-emptivly that there could be a problem.
24.08.2011It is the browser-specific feature, it can be easily done by Google, Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft since they have larger web-sites database.

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