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Audio bitrate in HD videos is limited to 128k
17.10.2017Dear users, 4K VIdeo Downloader doesn't convert YouTube videos, it only extracts videos. YouTube sometimes does not provide such a quality and...
why my 4k video downloader can't parse any link ? plz help me
28.10.2016You cannot use CCleaner for this, you need to run regedit, where you will see a list of programs you have installed. Find 4K Download application...
youtube videos are not downloading since two week.please fix it. (error can't download)
28.10.2016Make sure you are using the latest version. Also try to reinstall. If your computer operates on Windows, don’t forget to delete information...
How to add subscriptions and only download new videos.
21.09.2016Please open Subscriptions tab, paste in the link to the channel and when it has been analyzed and you have chosen preferable format, subtitles...
License limit
21.09.2016Please provide your purchase email or the key itself to our support team via They will help you.
Subtitles downloading doesn't work
08.09.2016Hi Ling, There is no subtitles in the provided video, that is why you cannot download them.
why my 4k video downloader can't parse any link ? plz help me
07.09.2016Additionally, if you are using 4K Video Downloader application on your work computer and have problems with downloading while at home everything...
why my 4k video downloader can't parse any link ? plz help me
07.09.2016If you are struggling with 4K Video Downloader's 'Can't parse link' problem, please try the following steps, one of these will solve the problem:...
Why am I being asked to "get a license key" when I'm trying to download all of the instagram photos from one hashtag I have? This is a service I have to pay for to cull more than one hashtag?
30.08.2016Hi Alison, Because downloading by hashtag is a paid feature one needs to get a licence key in order to activate it. Thanks.
Search ability for 4K Stogam
30.08.2016Hi Adam, Thank you for the idea. We will consider implementing it.

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